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Sermons on Reconciliation

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The Walls Come Tumbling Down


Tim Kimmel, in his book Little House on the Freeway, writes about the Japanese occupation of Korea shortly after the turn of the century. ...

Jesus broke down the wall separating us and God, and us from each other.

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The Rending of the Veil


"Jesus cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost, and the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom."

It ...

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Thanks to Christ's death, we can have a hope-filled relationship with God.

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Handle Conflict


A few years ago, I took a private retreat at a monastery. I spent four days with two dozen men who have taken vows of poverty, silence, and ...

While conflict is inevitable, it can be handled in wise ways to keep it from escalating.

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The Church in a Non-Christian Culture

A significant event takes place in Acts 7, marking a trend in church history that unfortunately continues to this day: persecution. In this text, Stephen, ...

Our mission is to change the world by changing lives in humble, merciful love.

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How to treat a mistreater

The tagline to A & E's Biography series new advertising campaign is "You're either 'Biography' or you're not." Today we'll look at the story of ...

Recognize God's hand in your circumstances and let him transform your attitude.

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You Get What You Give


On February 3, 1998, Karla Faye Tucker was executed by lethal injection in Huntsville, TX, for her role in a 1984 double homicide. In the ...

We need to show mercy to others because of God's great mercy toward us.

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Finding Your Missing Peace


In 1934, Hitler's plague of anti-Semitism was spreading throughout Europe like wildfire. Some would escape it. Millions would die from it. ...

Peacemakers build bridges of reconciliation to others by following the biblical principles of our peacemaking, peace-loving God.

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How God Puts Things Back Together

There is a myth that has circulated among Christians and non-Christians for too long. The myth is that the Old Testament portrays a God of anger, wrath ...

God wants to bring restoration to your life.

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Bouncing Back From Defeat

In the final days of Jesus' ministry, it appeared to the disciples that everything they worked for had fallen apart. During the course of his ministry, ...

God can turn any defeat into victory.

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Dealing with Difficult People

When you put a group of people together, some level of conflict inevitably will develop. It cannot be avoided. The sign of a spiritually mature church, ...

The sign of a spiritually mature church, family, marriage, or friendship is the willingness and ability to resolve conflict.

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It Matters Who You Know

There are certain clichés you hear all through your life that, upon closer inspection, prove to be false. They are so ingrained in our consciousness ...

Knowing Jesus makes available to us God's never-ending supply of acceptance, mercy, and forgiveness.

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Dealing with Anger

I had the world's worst buckteeth. In fact, my orthodontist won an award for fixing my mouth. Now impressions are painless, they just put some gook in ...

We must learn to resolve our anger immediately and completely.

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How to Handle Anger

My thesis this morning is this: That in Jesus Christ there is available all the necessary resources to bring about complete reconciliation. May I say ...

In Jesus Christ we have all the necessary resources to bring about complete reconciliation

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