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Sermons on Pruning

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Preaching on Pruning? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

The True Vine


Summer is here, and many of us have planted gardens. Why do we plant a garden? For the yield of produce, the production of fruit. Why does ...

There's only one way to please God and produce fruit—to stay connected to Jesus, the true vine.

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We Need a Downpour

Text: Hosea 6:1
Topic: Why we need revival

Where would we be without the Lord? Where would we be individually; where would we be in our family? Where would ...

Christians view life not as a process, but as a series of crises where we continually return to God and his plan for our life.

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Don't Waste Your Cancer

Text: Various
Topic: How to respond to life-threatening circumstances

Editor's note: The richness of John Piper's theological reflection as it relates to ...

John Piper provides 10 ways to avoid wasting a circumstance or situation that threatens your life.

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