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Sermons on Pain

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The Supremacy of Christ in an Age of Terror
The Supremacy of Christ in an Age of Terror

The supremacy of God in all things—no exceptions One of the truths of the Bible that we embrace with trembling joy is the truth of God's supremacy ...

The suffering of our world is caused, and has been cured, by God.

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God of Our Losses

All of us go through suffering and times of loss in our lives. There are suffering people here tonight, troubled people, worried people, uncertain people. ...

Only through faith in a loving God can we survive the grief and pain of loss.

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Scars from an Old Wound

It was the most important day of his life. At long last he was going to be able to enter into the Holy of Holies. Zachariah was a descendant of Aaron; ...

It is our past pain that keeps us from believing what God promises us today.

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Pain is the Name of the Game

Paul said that he not only wanted to know the power of Jesus' resurrection but the fellowship of his sufferings. Paul was making a expression of his desire ...

Since we all suffer, it is better to suffer with Christ than without him.

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Blood in Bethlehem

Two weeks ago NPR carried a story about plans to spruce up Bethlehem, the dusty little Palestinian town of Jesus' Nativity. Tourists take the bus from ...

Jesus saves us from the terrible condition we are really in.

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The Struggle to Hope

Our dreams must be shattered so God's power can be released in us.

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