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Sermons on Optimism

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Preaching on Optimism? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

In the House of the Lord


The start of the Christmas season seems like an inappropriate time to talk about Psalm 23, sheep, and shepherds. But when you open the Bible, ...

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Why Are You Angry?

Text: Genesis 4:1-12
Topic: How to overcome anger.

From the editor:

Here's a great sermon from one of our featured preachers, David Anderson, that is sure ...

We need to understand what causes our anger and how we can overcome it.

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Evangelical Laughter


I have never been criticized for being too serious in a sermon. Humor is my downfall. Sometimes I've attempted a little remark in a sermon, ...

We should be open to God's surprising, powerful work in our lives and ministries.

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It's All About You, Lord


A poet once complained to a friend, "Life's not fair. A banker can write a bad poem, and nobody says anything about it. But if a poet writes ...

Judging our circumstances from God's perspective

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I Will Build My Church


I entered the ministry with my eyes wide open. Two great-grandfathers were preachers—one a circuit rider, the other a lay preacher. Both ...

We can find comfort in Christ's promise to build his church.

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A Recipe for Lemonade

A bricklayer had an accident on a construction site and had to file a detailed report for his insurance company. This is what he wrote: "I'm a bricklayer ...

Whatever your problems may be, it is possible to face adversity with confidence and boldness.

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