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Sermons on New Testament

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Invitation to Give
Invitation to Give


One word on the translation of this passage: Your Bible will have the word "Lord" perhaps in all capitals, "L-O-R-D." That is an English translation ...

The invitation to faith goes out to all of us.

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The First Hymn

Please turn to the first hymn. No, not the first one in the hymn book. The first one in history, or at least the first one in the history of the church. ...

The church's first hymn retells the story of Jesus with poetic beauty.

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The New Testament: Fact Or Fiction? (Why I Believe the Bible)

In college I had a job where I was given the nickname "Sleeping Beauty." It wasn't because I overslept, and it certainly wasn't because of my looks. ...

The New Testament is a reliable, historical document.

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