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When Your Heroes Fall


When I was in the seventh grade, my family moved from a large town to a small village with only 2,000 people. In that town just about everyone ...

When our heroes fail us, we can still choose to honor their lives.

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What Have We Done?


After the Chicago Cubs lost their 96th baseball game in 2006, manager Dusty Baker, was called in to meet with the general manager. We all ...

When something has to change in your life, turn to your unchanging God and serve the Lord with all your heart.

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Who Are You Trying to Impress?

A friend dropped by my office a while back and saw on my desk a copy of John Maxwell's book Becoming a Person of Influence. He picked it up and said, ...

We need to be people of influence.

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The Difference a Coach Can Make

It's amazing, the difference a coach can make.

Lou Holtz is one of my favorites. He has become a living legend among college football coaches, but to ...

Get a coach; be a coach.

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Lord, Give Us Leaders Who Can Lead Us to Justice

I believe that justice might just be God's only concern. Everything we know about God might have its roots in God's concern for justice. And if justice ...

Biblical leaders are more likely to emerge from the right environment

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