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Sermons on International Day of Prayer

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Where the Battle Is Fought

Sermon Three

Here's a surprise: Most incompetent people don't know they are incompetent. In fact, researcher Dr. David A. Dunning of Cornell University ...

At the hour of crisis, our hope is in prayer

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Sermon Four

Years ago Bill Hybels told about seeing a newscast of a big Vietnam veterans parade in Chicago. Part of the commemoration was a mobile Vietnam ...

For our sake Jesus accepted the charge that cost him his life

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The Faces of Failure

Sermon Five

There was a clip on the sports last night that was painful to watch. College basketball between Memphis and Louisville, championship game—the ...

Peter, Judas, and Pilate demonstrate different ways to fail in faith

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The Agony of Victory

Through the rejection of the cross Jesus is exalted as king

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Which Watchers?

Sermon Seven

Robert Russell, pastor of Southeastern Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky, told about sitting behind a 5-year-old boy at their church's ...

Christ's Resurrection calls us to believe

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The Difference-Making Difference


Have you ever noticed that some passages of Scripture are crystal clear and easy to understand—the previous passage, for example? And ...

Christians are to be different, different in such a way that we make a difference in the world.

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Get Ready for a Rough Ride


This is the sixth message in our series on First Peter: Living Bold in Tough Times. Peter wrote this letter to encourage believers to live a ...

Things get rough from time and time, but you can prepare yourself for the difficult days ahead.

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Lectio Divina

A few months after I became a Christian, my youth pastor taught me a method of Bible study that has provided the foundation of my spiritual life ever ...

Four simple steps can help Christians become transformed by the Word of God: read, think, pray, and act.

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Reflections on the Lord's Prayer


Most of us have had the experience of putting together something that we bought unassembled. Whether it was a swing set, a bicycle, a radio ...

The Lord's Prayer is a pattern that teaches Christians several important principles of prayer.

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Keeping Stress From Becoming Distress


I want to talk about keeping stress from becoming distress. Not all stress is bad. We need a certain amount of stress in our lives in order ...

God can use even stress to teach us ways to grow stronger for others' sake.

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How God Will Answer Your Prayers

Today we will look at the story of miraculous healing that Jesus performed on a man who could neither hear nor speak. Mark's purpose in writing this ...

God answers our prayers in order to strengthen the bond between us and him, in order to help us grow deeper in our walk with Christ.

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The Key to Praying with Power

Today, as we conclude our series on prayer, we'll look at a story Jesus told that teaches the most important principle of all regarding prayer. This ...

The key to praying with power is persistence.

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How to Pray for Anyone and Everyone

When I became a Christian I was made aware of my responsibility to pray for the people in my life. So I put together a list, starting with everyone ...

Prayer is not just a religious ritual; it is a matter of the heart.

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What We Need More Than Money

When it comes to sermons, there is one thing Christians and non-Christians typically agree on: they don't want to hear one about money. A common complaint ...

Before we can begin to think about what we want to accomplish as a church, we need to develop a solid foundation of prayer.

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How to Develop a Prayer Lifestyle

Today we are beginning a new series called "Prayer: The Ultimate Lifestyle." For the next few weeks that's what we'll be focusing on: prayer as a lifestyle. ...

We learn to pray by praying.

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How to Pray in the Coming Days

The drama that is currently unfolding in our country is more serious than anything we have experienced in our lifetime, or, in fact, in this century. ...

This is a time when we need to be people of prayer.

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The Basics of Prayer

Dwight L. Moody once commented that he would rather learn to pray than preach. "After all," he said, "Jesus never taught his disciples how to preach, ...

Prayer teaches us to depend on God.

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Guidelines to Answered Prayer

Today, as we continue our series on prayer, we will look at the guidelines for answered prayer. One "phenomenon" about prayer is that it is answered. ...

God wants you to ask and he's willing to answer—if we follow the biblical guidelines for answered prayer.

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How to Pray for Yourself

When you read prayers in the Bible, the overwhelming majority of them are prayers that are prayed for the benefit of someone else. When Paul talks about ...

There's a fundamental theme to these guidelines for praying for yourself: you must be willing to take action.

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The Silent Treatment

In February 1968 the Beatles collectively decided that material success was not enough to fill the void in their lives, so they traveled to India to ...

Spiritual growth cannot occur when your mouth is engaged; it requires that you be silent long enough to hear the voice of God.

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Salt and Light

Alienation was originally a Marxist word and Karl Marx meant by it the alienation of the worker from the product of his labors. When what he produces ...

We must repent of Christian pessimism and reaffirm our confidence in God's power.

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Victorious Prayer

"From which comes wars and fightings among you? Come then not hence even of your lust that war in your members? Ye lust and have not. Ye kill and desire ...

When our lives are linked to the omnipotent God, our prayers are undeniable.

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Scars from an Old Wound

It was the most important day of his life. At long last he was going to be able to enter into the Holy of Holies. Zachariah was a descendant of Aaron; ...

It is our past pain that keeps us from believing what God promises us today.

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God's Training Program

Once again I want to look with you at what I have called one of the great texts of the Bible: "If you have raced with men on foot and they have worn you ...

God has us in a training program to triumph in holiness.

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In this passage our Lord calls us his friends and gives us four tests or proofs, or signs of the friendship. Two signs or proofs are on his side and ...

Jesus provides the example of how to be a friend.

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Prayer as Surrender

Prayer as Surrender

The main condition of successful prayer is seeking God's plans rather than our own.

by John Powell

I have to make a disclaimer right ...

The main condition of successful prayer is seeking God’s plans rather than our own.

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The Disciple's Prayer

There are times when I feel like Rodney Dangerfield. I don't get no respect.

I have a friend who likes to call me in the middle of a weekday morning, ...

Following the model set forth in "The Lord's Prayer," we start with the Father, speak to him about his program and then talk to him about the family.

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Serving a Glorified Christ

We live in a culture that is increasingly out of step with the gospel. This has never been a Christian nation, but for most of its history, its underlying ...

Our image of Christ is too small; the Christ we serve today is fall-flat-on-your-face glorious.

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Mustard Seed and Moving Mountains

In the neighborhood where I live children come around to sell thingsGirl Scout cookies, candy or peanuts to have the band take a trip or to earn some ...

God works the seemingly impossible through people of prayer.

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The Shame-less Father

I am fortunate in that I have loved Jesus of Nazareth all my life. That love has not always issued in trust and obedience, but I have had a deep and tender ...

God answers our prayers for the honor of his name.

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Living Above the Crowd

One of the most stirring passages in literature is Polonius's advice to Laertes in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Laertes has won his father's consent ...

We make a difference in our world when we live with godly integrity.

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