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Sermons on Health

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Heart Worm

Over these past weeks we've been looking together at some conditions of the human heart that obviously need help. When we meet somebody whose life is ...

What does God do with a self-righteous heart?

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Heart Throb

If you've picked up nothing else from our study over these past weeks, I hope you've absorbed this simple truth: the heart of God throbs for human hearts. ...

What does God do with a half-heart?

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The Long Tomorrow


An 85-year-old couple died in a car crash after having been married almost 60 years. They had been in good health the last ten years mainly ...

Meditation on our future home

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A Brand New You


I've got hundreds of things around the house that I would like to see made new—sofa cushions that have begun to sag, kitchen cabinets ...

What happens when the old has gone

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A Strange Résumé


It's the most dreaded question of the job interview, and when the time comes, you can't seem to push the words out of your mouth. "Tell me," ...

God turns our weakness into incredible strength.

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