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Sermons on Fear

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Walking on Water


For over a hundred years, since 1889, in the last week of July, Canadian Indians from many different tribes--Cree, Chippewa, Blackfoot, ...

The most important thing we need to do in life is keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

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Easter in An Age of Terror

I suppose everyone has heard Alan Jackson's song, "Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?" It's about the tragic events that took place in our ...

The defining moment of our lives is Easter Sunday-the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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The 23rd for the 83rd
The 23rd for the 83rd

What does the psalm have to say to our day? I think it is possible to say with some confidence that this twentieth century has seen developments in many ...

The Good Shepherd supplies us with all that we need.

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Equipped to Face the Two Biggest Fears in the World

I would like to ask you a question this morning: What are the two biggest fears in your life? If I get boring, where will your mind wander? That's one ...

The resurrection of Jesus Christ helps us face our fear of dying and our fear of living.

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He Is Able

One of the lovely things about the Lord is that he hides the future from us. Most of us would love a sneak preview of the future. We say, "Well, Lord, ...

Faith in a wonderful God releases you from worry.

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The Praise of an Old Man

Shortly after David came to power, he brought the ark to Zion. The ark was a box about the size of a piano bench, and in it were some famous artifacts. ...

In the midst of all sorts of troubles, David still found comfort and rest in God.

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