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Sermons on Family

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Kids Rule

If you were to read the Bible from cover to cover and list all the times children are talked about, you would have a long list. The Bible is clear that ...

Idolizing children is dangerous for us and devastating to them.

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The Pressure of Fatherhood

There's a Father's Day card that reads, "Dad, everything I ever learned I learned from you, except one thing. The family car really will do 110."

It is ...

Despite the stresses confronting fathers, they can bless their children.

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It Takes a Family
It Takes a Family


Our Scripture reading comes from Luke 2:4650. Hear the Word of God:

After three days Mary and Joseph found Jesus in the temple sitting ...

The incident of Joseph and Mary losing 12-year-old Jesus in Jerusalem tells us much—and encourages us—about how God uses normal, fallible, human families.

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