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Sermons on Excuses

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Preaching on Excuses? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Obedience at the Burning Bush

Allow me to give you a little bit of background to Exodus 3. This particular chapter speaks of our Bible hero Moses, the little boy who was found floating ...

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Intercepting Entropy

From the editor

John Ortberg is a master communicator, whether through preaching or through writing. Preaching Today is blessed to have him as an editorial ...

God's will for the human spirit is that it would never suffer entropy.

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The Story of Our Broken World


When I was about ten years old, my dad, a medical doctor, received a special gift from one of his patients: a beautiful globe with shiny sequins. ...

How believing a cosmic lie shattered paradise

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Keys to a Useful Life


The personnel manager of a large corporation recently said that the chief problem in industry and business today is certainly not over-production, ...

The ultimate standard of a useful life is not what we think and expect of ourselves as much as what we are willing to do for those around us.

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A Question of Integrity

Exodus 4:24-26

I begin today's message with a confession. When I started preparing for this series, I asked myself if it would be possible to avoid today's ...

By playing by the rules, getting rid of your excuses, and doing what it takes to get things in order, you can maintain, or regain, your integrity.

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Life in the Penalty Box

I'd like to just read an excerpt of someone who wrote to me from out of state and addressed the letter to me personally.

He said, "I'm 31 years old." ...

We can learn some of God's lessons only through times of failure.

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