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Sermons on Edification

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Deborah, the Encourager of Manhood

Today we're looking at Deborah, the encourager of manhood. But before we look at the life of Deborah, you've probably seen church bulletin announcements ...

Women possess a unique opportunity to encourage men to step up and stand up

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Balcony People
Balcony People

From the editor

John Ortberg points out that we are surrounded by basement people—folks who drain the life from us. This reality makes it all the ...

That the least will be the greatest is the deepest reality in the kingdom.

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The Barnabas Factor


Life is difficult. Most of us know this only too well. There are few who skate by on good looks and a large trust fund. It is a given that ...

We can reap great rewards for God and his kingdom by acting as encouragers, like Barnabas did.

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