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Sermons on Daily bread

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Preaching on Daily bread? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

Living on the Edge of Whatever Happens

From the editor

One of the great joys in preaching is when you know you have something special to offer. Perhaps it's a particularly well-crafted thesis ...

To live a "whatever happens" existence is to embrace the superintending hand of God that guides us even in the midst of mystery.

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The House of Prayer


"My temple should be a house of prayer, but you have made it a den of thieves." That stands as one of the harshest indictments ever uttered ...

When we pray believing and pray forgiving, we give our hearts to God and his kingdom.

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How Should a Pastor Think About His People's Giving?


When I mentioned the title of this sermon to a group of pastors at our monthly denominational meeting, it elicited considerable response. ...

Giving indicates spiritual growth and participation in the gospel.

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Reflections on the Lord's Prayer


Most of us have had the experience of putting together something that we bought unassembled. Whether it was a swing set, a bicycle, a radio ...

The Lord's Prayer is a pattern that teaches Christians several important principles of prayer.

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God's Promise to Meet Your Needs

Don't miss the premise to the promise.

At this time of year, between Christmas and New Years, I usually do two things: I write thank you notes to everybody ...

God’s promise of abundant provision is premised on our giving.

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