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Sermons on Coveting

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Preaching on Coveting? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

The Gravity of Greed


Do you remember watching your very first NASA rocket launch? I remember as a boy sitting on the edge of the family room sofa and listening ...

An abundance of greed will cripple a generous heart.

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The Assurance of Blessing

Story behind the sermon (David Shelley)

My challenge: This was the final sermon in a series on the Ten Commandments from Deuteronomy 4-6. I wanted to explain ...

God sets us free from coveting, and moves us into a relationship of freedom.

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King Me!

If you need an overall title, you could try something like this: "The King Takes His Throne: Solomon's Rise to Power."
By submitting to the kingdom of Christ, we put Jesus on his rightful throne.

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Secrets of Financial Contentment


When I was a kid, my dad told me two stories all the time.

In the first one, a couple goes to Harvard University and asks to see the president, ...

Contentment is a daily decision about how you address your financial anxieties.

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You Can't Fool the Lord


One of the ministers at this church the television show 24 because of the things that Jack Bauer never has to do: eat, charge his cell phone, ...

God judges the sin of deceit.

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Don’t You Believe It! The Myth of Greener Grass


This morning we’re looking at the last of the Ten Commandments, which deals with desiring something that someone else has, but which we do ...

We’ve been shown grace by God, and we’re to spread that grace around.

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