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Sermons on Commitment

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Call Me at Midnight


Whether our "family" is a group of close friends, a bunch of kids running around the house, or a husband and wife alone, I think it is fair ...

Why covenant relationships are the foundation of a healthy family

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Keep the Change

A few years ago, Richard Simmons introduced a man named Michael on a weight-loss infomercial. Michael had an amazing story to tell. After a lifetime of ...

It takes a whole lot of help to make a lasting change.

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What's Holding You Back

Shortly after returning home from World War II, a fellow named Earl decided to buy a television set. He went to the store and asked for a demonstration. ...

The fear of failure can be overcome by putting yourself in God’s hands.

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Eliminating Envy

In 1975 country music was going through some major changes. The old Nashville style of slicked back hair, rhinestone suits, and songs about trains, ...

Whether or not others succeed is not your concern; your concern is to keep pursuing the path God has called you to take.

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Sleeping Through the Storm


Have you ever noticed how babies can fall asleep anytime, anywhere, in any position? They simply go to sleep when they get tired! As long ...

We can have peace throughout life's storms by committing to Jesus and listening to his Word.

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A Model For Greatness


Our text for the morning, concerning who is greatest in the kingdom, reminds me of the story of a bus driver and a clergyman who were standing ...

True greatness comes through commitment, perseverance, and service—not self-elevation.

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Wisdom for Faithful Living Today


The new movie, The Titanic, is well on its way to becoming the highest grossing movie of all time. There seems to be an enduring fascination ...

The people of God must commit themselves to devotion to God, even when the vast majority of others live for everything other than God.

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A Reason for Living

NOTE: This message can also be used in the "Jesus the Messiah" series

There's an old country song that goes …

There goes my reason ...

Three commitments will give your life meaning and purpose beyond anything else.

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Salt and Light

Alienation was originally a Marxist word and Karl Marx meant by it the alienation of the worker from the product of his labors. When what he produces ...

We must repent of Christian pessimism and reaffirm our confidence in God's power.

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The Meaning of Discipleship

In those days all kinds of people had disciples, and two of the Greek words that were in common use at that time were didaskalos, which means teacher, ...

The essence of discipleship is relationship.

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Scripture records of Jesus Christ that on one particular occasion he was walking by the Sea of Galilee, and he saw two Simon, who called ...

Jesus calls us to lay aside our differences and our distractions, and to take up the cross.

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Living Above the Crowd

One of the most stirring passages in literature is Polonius's advice to Laertes in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Laertes has won his father's consent ...

We make a difference in our world when we live with godly integrity.

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Baptism: A Public Declaration of Dependence
Baptism: A Public Declaration of Dependence

I was driving into church and I put in a cassette tape of the song "Mercy Came Running." I arrived at the worship center and went up to my office, did ...

Baptism declares we are unashamed of the Christ who died for us.

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