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Sermons on Celibacy

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The Gift of Celibacy

The Story behind the sermon (an interview with Stewart Ruch III)

Preaching Today.com: Why did you choose to preach on "celibacy" and not "singleness"?

Stewart ...

What makes humans truly human is union with God, not union with another human.

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Your Questions about the Bible: Homosexuality
Your Questions about the Bible: Homosexuality

The story behind the sermon (by Rick McKinley)

I hesitate using this sermon as the ultimate model for how to preach on this topic. I suppose it is because ...

Your primary identity is not your sexuality; it's who you are as a man or woman in Christ.

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Single and Single-minded


A recent census reported that about 86 million single people live in the U.S. As people get married later, as the divorce rate climbs, and ...

God wants single people to serve him without distraction.

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Single in Christ
Single in Christ

Today's scripture passage comes from Isaiah 56:1-7:

Thus says the Lord: "Keep justice and do righteousness, for soon my salvation will come and ...

In Christ, God blesses single people with a fruitful and faithful life.

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What's a Single to Do?

Oneness, the Bible says, is where two people in a miraculous, God designed way, become one. It is a beautiful thing. Dating is designed to prepare you ...

God is not a killjoy. He is just smart, with a protective perspective on sex for our welfare.

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