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Sermons on Boys

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Don't You Believe It: The Myth of Self-Importance

There's an old Jewish story: A rabbi was sitting next to an atheist on an airplane. The rabbi's family was also on the plane. Every few minutes, one of ...

The needs of such people as our parents and our children are more important than our wants.

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A Spirit-Filled Family


From the outset, I must say that I feel unqualified to preach this message. There are many of you with many more years of child-rearing experience. ...

Ultimately the child with no respect for the authority of his parents may have no respect for the greatest authority: God.

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Becoming a Man


What is the most powerful word in the English language? Is it "honor," or "love," or "country?" Maybe it's "sacrifice." Stu Weber, who has ...

We need to admit our incompetence and grow in competence.

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