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Sermons on Atonement

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Preaching on Atonement? Browse these sermons to find fresh ideas.

The Forgiveness of God


"God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself." He came in flesh to forgive us—to run down the road from heaven to earth and say ...

The forgiveness of God forgives the mess.

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A Life Worth Saving


There’s a story of a man who risked his life to save a boy trapped in a burning building. The doorway was blocked, the room was filled with ...

Just make sure your life is worth saving.

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The Gospel According to Jesus


Have you ever found yourself completely confused by the multitude of religious ideologies being sold in the marketplace? I'm not just ...

The gospel according to Jesus is not about church membership or do's and don'ts; it's about a relationship with him.

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But Christ Has Been Raised

The blood of Jesus covers all our sin and satisfies the Father. The death of Jesus is what enables us to fly, because it's the death of Jesus that forgives ...

As the passage in 1 Corinthians says, Christ's death-and our faith-is meaningless if he has not been raised from the dead

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The Goat Has Left the Building

Leviticus 16 deals with the Day of Atonement. In the Jewish feast calendar there are seven major feasts—four in the spring, three in the fall. The ...

We can live in forgiveness and freedom, because Jesus took away our sin.

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