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Sermons on Appetites

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Cravings and Conflicts

Text: James 4:1–2
Topic: Identifying and addressing the source of conflict


There is a relational conflict in your immediate future. You ...

The source of all conflict is internal craving, but we can experience reconciliation by humbling ourselves before God and others.

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Patrol Your Pleasures


When I ask you to give me an adjective that describes Jesus of Nazareth, what comes to mind for you? How many of you instantly thought of ...

When Jesus frowns on fun

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The Secret of Satisfaction


Evander "The Real Deal" Holyfield is a former heavyweight-boxing champion of the world. During his boxing career he has earned ...

We are blessed when our actions display a hunger and thirst for righteousness.

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The Message of Ecclesiastes

As I look back in my life over the last several years there was a period in which I lived in the dark night of the soul. I spent several months of my ...

In a "meaningless" life, you can trust the sovereign, good, and righteous God.

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