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Sermons on Anger, Human

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Anger Mis-Management
Anger Mis-Management


If pride is the most subtle of the seven deadly sins, anger is the most obvious. For one thing, it's visible. The other sins are internal—lust, ...

What you do with your anger will either be helpful or hurtful.

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Why Are You Angry?

Text: Genesis 4:1-12
Topic: How to overcome anger.

From the editor:

Here's a great sermon from one of our featured preachers, David Anderson, that is sure ...

We need to understand what causes our anger and how we can overcome it.

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Reactions to Evil


John Roth tells what happened to him late one night on a commuter train in Hamburg, Germany. John says:

The train car was completely empty ...

Christians should respond to evil by acting in love on the side of truth.

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The Blame Game

Introduction In his spiritual autobiography, William Barclay, the venerable Scottish scholar, tells the tragedy of losing his 21-year-old daughter and ...

When faced with difficult circumstances, we choose to blame God or to trust him.

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Getting Rid of Resentment


This morning we come face to face with a practical problem confronting everyone here; namely, overcoming our resentment toward people we ...

We can get rid of our resentment by loving, serving, and praying for our enemies.

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Dealing with Anger

I had the world's worst buckteeth. In fact, my orthodontist won an award for fixing my mouth. Now impressions are painless, they just put some gook in ...

We must learn to resolve our anger immediately and completely.

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The Straight Scoop on Anger


I read a news article recently about the grievances of prisoners, and some of the things they're suing the system for. They are being served ...

Once we know what's behind our anger, we can better deal with it … and replace it with more godly behavior.

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