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Sermons on Affection

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Affections Matter


This December will mark my ten years as pastor of the Village Church. In my first few weeks, I just felt it out. I just keep thinking, Okay, ...

When we focus on Christ and confess our sin our hearts will overflow with real affection.

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What Makes You Happy?

In John's first letter of correspondence to the churches, there are some troublesome verses. First John 4:9-10 is not difficult: "This is how God showed ...

God's love is made visible when we don't delight in evil and we rejoice in truth.

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Our Fathers Who Are on Earth
Our Fathers Who Are on Earth

From the editor

Father's Day is just around the corner (June 21), and should you decide to offer a message for the occasion, Mark Mitchell's look at a ...

An earthly father should reflect the heavenly Father.

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