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Global Thing Locally

To do a global thing, God does it in local ways.


The gospel of Jesus’ grace leads us into mission. It leads us out into others’ lives and into the world. To begin there, we’re going to begin to see that the gospel of Jesus, the grace of Jesus in our lives, as it changes us, it leads us to begin to seek to do global things in local ways. We want to make global differences locally. Grace leads us to think our locality important.

Let’s hear what Paul had to say to Titus about this very thing.

(Read Titus 1:1–9)

I want to highlight verse 5, “This is why I left you in Crete, so that you might put what remained into order, and appoint elders in every town as I directed you”

Value of the Ordinary

If you want to cook food for a large, grand amount of people, you have to walk an aisle at Schnuk’s. You’ve got to go over to Straub’s, push a cart. Even if you’re going to have, let’s say local governing officials come to your table and you’re going to cook food for them. In order for that grand thing to happen, you’ve got to clear the table—your table. You’ve got to get out the Pledge and do a little dusting. You’ve got to get a can opener and open some cans of food and use the washcloth that’s been in your sink you’re not sure how long the last time it was washed, but you’re cleaning off your counter with it.

To do a grand thing you have to do a lot of ordinary stuff. That’s the same with the gospel. To reach the world for Jesus, someone must walk down Lockwood. Ordinary things.

Paul is telling Titus we’re dealing with grand things. A promise that began before any of us were ever born, God is bringing to pass for the sake of the faith, a ...

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Zack Eswine serves as Lead Pastor of Riverside Church and as Director of Homiletics, Resident Scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute, at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

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