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The Gift of Christmas Light

Jesus comes to light the way to peace and reconciliation with God.


In his book Every Good Endeavor, Tim Keller explains the three elements of a story. He points out that a story begins when something knocks life out of balance, and things are obviously not as they should be. Then it progresses, or the plot “thickens,” as the protagonists in the story struggle to restore the balance of peace while some antagonistic forces work to thwart their efforts. Finally, the story ends as the struggle results in either the restoration of balance or the failure to recover it.

One of the reasons that we love the stories that mark our Christmas traditions is that they inevitably end in the restoration of peace, and the perpetuation of the Christmas Spirit.

I don’t think I need to issue a spoiler alert but …

  • When the Grinch stole Christmas he gave it back.
  • In the Christmas Story Ralphie gets the Red Ryder BB Gun
  • In the Christmas Carol that old curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge embraces generosity.
  • And in Home Alone, Kevin’s family makes it home for Christmas, the bandits are hauled off to jail, and the old man reunites with his family.

We cherish those Christmas stories because they reflect the light and hope that we associate with Christmas. An association we make because of the real Christmas Story, when the protagonist, Jesus Christ, came to light the way to peace and reconciliation with God.

Sin Knocks Life Out of Balance

The story begins when something knocks life with God out of balance. Sin entered the world, and things were no longer as they were supposed to be.

See, we were made to walk in peace with God. But because of sin, we lost the connection. In biblical terms when sin entered the world, the lights went out—and we couldn’t see his way.

From that point ...

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