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Back to the Start

God the Father sent his Son to show us his love.


Merry Christmas! One thing is for sure, Christmas is looking much different than of us expected this year. But I wonder if that’s actually a good thing?

Time magazine recently outlined all the ways the pandemic can be used as a much needed RESET for the entire world. A reset economically. A reset relationally, especially between races. A reset politically, we saw that in our election. A reset about how we work and where we choose to live. A reset educationally, distance learning is terrible! And a reset for the church. Online church was once viewed with suspicion and now it’s been the lifeblood for us.

I think a reset is needed for Christmas too. We need to get back to the start. Typically, Christmas is a huge deal. Homes are decorated, cards are sent, gifts are bought, parties are thrown, church services are attended, songs are sung, special Christmas programs are on TV, and people travel long distances to see family and friends. And those things are often the reason that Christmas brings added stress, anxiety, and depression. But we can’t do most of those things! Maybe that’s a good thing? What if we viewed Christmas as a much-needed moment for a reset? A time to get back to the start and refocus on why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

I want to look at three reasons why getting back to the start of Christmas and hitting the reset button is a good thing for us.

Get Back to the Start of Christmas for Great Joy

When you look a little more deeply at the Christmas story, what you’ll find is a story of good news of great joy. Before Jesus was born, there were some shepherds out in a field late at night and suddenly a choir of angels surrounded them, and they were terrified. A man ...

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Rob Hall is the Lead Pastor at New North Church, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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