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Advent Conspiracy: Give More

Give your all to Jesus because he gave his all for you.


Every year we celebrate Christmas and for most people it’s a big deal. We decorate our home, send out cards, buy gifts, throw parties, go to church every Sunday, play all of our favorite Christmas music, watch all the Christmas programs on TV and our favorite Christmas movies, and we travel long distances to see family and friends. All good stuff. But, all of this is done though to celebrate the birth of a peasant boy, born some two thousand years ago in the Middle East. It’s an incredible thing if you think about it.

For others, Christmas is more of a hassle than a source of joy and happiness. It can bring stress, anxiety, and depression. Christmas for some is endured, not enjoyed. 25% of us will go into debt over Christmas. Some of us will be forced to deal with family members that drive us crazy. Many of us have been running frantically around since Thanksgiving trying our best to please everyone, get the house ready, buy the right gifts, go to all the parties, and so on. Maybe the Christmas season is another reminder that you are still single. Or it reminds us about people who were here with us last year, but not here this year.

Then we get to church and pastors are telling us to slow down and experience Advent in a fresh and new way. Honestly, you are thinking, “Give me a break!” Or it sounds like the teacher in Charlie Brown, “Wah wah wah.”

In this Advent series we are trying to get back to the basics and remind ourselves why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. We celebrate Christmas first and foremost because ...

God Gave Us the Gift of His Presence

We celebrate Christmas because God came to this world himself. Theologians call this the Incarnation —an infant ...

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Rob Hall is the Lead Pastor at New North Church, located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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