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When You Say I Do

Loving lackluster Leah (Church) makes us Leahs more like radiant Rachel (Christ) and enables us to experience more intimate union with radiant Rachel.

Introduction – Upsetting the Equilibrium

Jacob thought he was marrying one person but he got stuck with two, the Rachel he wanted and the Leah he didn’t want. What is worse, he had to endure lots of time with lackluster Leah before he even got to be with radiant Rachel! When he said “I do” he got two!

There are lots of stories in Genesis that are puzzling, but Genesis 29 is a real head-scratcher!!! Kids, hold your ears.

(Read Genesis 29:16-30)


If you are married, you know what it’s like to be Jacob. When you said I do, you married the radiant Rachel you wanted, a Rachel who will share your deepest sorrows and greatest joys; a Rachel who will love you when no one else will; a Rachel who will offer physical warmth and affection; a Rachel who will brag about you to the mother-in-law; a Rachel who will remind you who you are and whose you are in case you ever forget; a Rachel who will make you hot soup when you have a cold, plan special getaways on your birthday, and put little gifts under your pillow for no reason at all; a Rachel who greets you with a kiss in the morning, after brushing teeth of course. When you said I do you got the radiant Rachel you wanted to marry. If you are sitting next to your spouse, now’s a good time to say “amen!”

But, like Jacob, when you said I do you got two. You not only got the radiant Rachel you wanted, you got the lackluster Leah you didn’t expect; a Leah who does not always agree with your inspired ideas; a Leah who will give you the silent treatment or scream in your face; a Leah who spends way too much money on things that don’t matter to you; a Leah who complains about you to the mother-in-law; a Leah who likes music you don’t ...

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Lenny Luchetti is the lead pastor of Woodland Church (Battle Creek, MI) and the author of Preaching Essentials: A Practical Guide and Preaching with Empathy: Crafting Sermons in a Callous Culture .

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