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Room Near the Inn

Christmas is really a surprise!


We entitled our Christmas series "The Visited Planet." In 1925, Gilbert Keith Chesterton wrote a book called The Everlasting Man. C. S. Lewis said it was the finest book about the Christian faith he had ever read. He first coined the phrase, "Right in the middle of these things stands up an enormous exception. It is quite unlike anything else. It is a thing final like the trumpet of doom though it is also a piece of good news. Good news that seems too good to be true. It is nothing less than the loud assertion that this mysterious maker of the world has visited his world in person." The visited planet. Chesterton says that is what happens in the birth, life, ministry, death. , and victory of Jesus Christ. We're celebrating this month the coming of Jesus Christ. He calls it the enormous exception, this amazing grand event.

A little later in this same book, he has this to say: "I have not minimized the scale of the miracle …"—that God would visit this planet—“… as some of our milder theologians think it wise to do." He wrote this in 1925. There were milder theologians then, I guess. "Rather I have deliberately dwelt on that incredible interruption as a blow that broke the very backbone of history." And he says, "I have great sympathy with monotheists who think this might be a blasphemy, a blasphemy that might shake the world." Then he ends with this last line: “I’m very sympathetic with those who think this might shake the world but it did not shake the world. It steadied the world." That is what we're celebrating. G. K. Chesterton calls it the enormous exception. This grand event, the grand miracle, the ...

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Earl Palmer is a writer and speaker for Earl Palmer Ministries, and author of Mastering the New Testament: 1, 2, 3 John and Revelation (W Publishing Group).

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