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Christmas Promises

The Promised Messiah ushers in the promises of God at Christmas.


Promises, promises, promises. A lot of people make promises. Some actually keep them. But when it comes to God, he always keeps his promises, but not always in the way or the timing you might think. The interesting thing about God’s promises is that sometimes his promises are kept in multiple ways. Sometimes they are kept in the near future and kept in the distant future.

Another way to say it, is that sometimes God’s promises from the Old Testament are fulfilled in physical way to his people Israel, and they are fulfilled in an even more profound and eternal way all of us who have come after them. This is the case with Jesus.

Another fascinating aspect of God’s promises is that sometimes one promise leads to more promises. This is certainly the case with the promise of the Savior that we celebrate at Christmas. His coming leads us to more Christmas promises from God. Some of those promises are found in Micah 5:1-5—a prophecy about the coming Messiah.

(Read Micah 5:1-5)

Israel is under attack and God is promising to restore her. That is the near promise. But the promise to us, thousands of years later, is the promise of the Messiah and this actually leads to even more promises.

The description clues us into the fact that God is speaking of Jesus. Verse two—he comes from one of the smallest towns among the clan, among one of the smallest tribes of Israel. He comes from Bethlehem. He is not raised up in the aristocracy, nor will he enter the scene with much fame. From humble beginnings this ruler will rise. That does not mean he will be unqualified. Because “His coming forth is from of old, from ancient days.”

I want us to focus on the fact that the promise of a Savior, Jesus, ...

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Nick Gatzke is the Sr. Pastor of Old North Church in Canfield, OH and can be heard on the radio program Opening the Bible.

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