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Overcoming Racism and Prejudice

God’s eternal plan and down-to-earth solution to overcoming the problem of racial, tribal, and national divisions.


The tragic and heart wrenching events that have flooded the news cycles over the past several days have shone a new light on the alarming problem of racism and prejudice. This is a problem that must be confronted, repented of, and addressed. And I want to say that the church of Jesus Christ should be leading the way in addressing this personal, systemic, and egregious problem. But sadly, we have not—at least not as well as we could have and should have. And for where I have failed in that, I am deeply sorry.

Now, I think the temptation for some is to think, Well, I guess today’s sermon isn’t for me today. I don't struggle with racism or prejudice. You see, all of us recognize that racism and prejudice is a problem; we just don't think it's a problem with us. And to be candid, before studying this topic in more depth, I would have probably said the same thing. I mean, after all, one of our ruling elders at our church is black, our church planter who we are sending out to plant another church is also black. And thankfully, we have a multi-ethnic, multi-generational, social-economic church. Surely, this isn’t a problem with us, right?

Well, as I studied this subject a lot more in the recent months, I have seen areas in my own life and places in my own heart that need to be changed when it comes to this issue. I would argue that racism and various forms of prejudice is a problem that all of us face to one degree or to some degree or another. And so, the questions that I want to address in this message are two-fold: How do we understand the problem of racism and prejudice and how can we overcome it?

(Read Revelation 5:9-10)

In these two verses, we are given a great vision of God’s ...

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Jeremy A. McKeen is the Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Hamilton, MA.

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