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Me and My Big Mouth

We have two choices with our words—either bless, or to curse.


“Pad kid poured curd pulled cod." Researchers from MIT say this is the world's most difficult tongue twister. Have a go. If you can say it ten times you may get a prize.

The world tongue twisting champion just got arrested. If found guilty he’s guaranteed a tough sentence.

What tastes better than it smells? Your tongue!

They can’t be seen with the naked eye, but you have up to 4,000 taste buds by the time you’re an adult, each with up to 150 taste receptors. You have less when you’re a child which are more sensitive to sweet tastes which might explain why you preferred candy to cabbage.

Your tongue is as unique to you as your fingerprints. It’s a combination of eight muscles intertwined like an elephant’s trunk so it can move in any direction. They are the only muscles in the body that move independent of the skeleton but like other muscles the tongue is trainable, though it never gets tired (don’t look at the person next to you).

Here James is going to show us how the tongue is a test, so we must train the tongue God’s way. Because though it’s a myth that the tongue is the strongest muscle, it is the most powerful.

Our words can hurt or heal, build up or tear down, bringing wisdom or wounds, the Bible says that little thing is the most dangerous in the whole world. How many wars have started as a war of words?

In the Talmud the Rabbis likened the tongue to a sharpened arrow, a lethal weapon that can wound at long distance.

The Deadly Tongue

Why is it so deadly? Well physically speaking, few places are more infested with harmful bacteria than the human mouth. 600 different types, second only to your digestive and urinary tract with 1 million bacteria ...

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Anthony Delaney is a Leader at Ivy Church in Manchester. He is also the leader for New Thing and the LAUNCH conference. He is an author and hosts the television show “Transforming Life.”

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