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An Upper Room Revelation

A ceremony instituted to remind us of Christ’s sacrifice for our sin.

Overview of Sermon Series

Many years ago, my wife and I visited Alcatraz Prison in San Francisco, CA. Let me emphasize visited! We toured the prison via a recorded tour which we heard through headphones. This tour took us step-by-step through the prison. As we walked through, we stopped in certain spots to hear about the events which took place there.

For example, we stopped at the cells of people who escaped. We heard the stories associated with these cells which remain untouched since the escapes. Then we went to the cafeteria, the yard, and solitary confinement. With each stop there is a detailed description of events and you hear people tell their stories of those places. Because of their personal stories the prison comes back to life. It is a fascinating tour, but you are glad when its over because you can get back on the ferry and regain your freedom.

In this series, we will participate in a tour covering a very powerful, historical, and life-changing event that took place two thousand years ago. We will follow the footsteps of our Savior during his final days on earth. There will be two parts to this tour. In the first part we will walk with Jesus to the cross and to the grave. Our guide for this first part of the tour will be the Gospel of Matthew. Along the way we will stop and listen to Matthew tell us what took place in each location as Jesus made his way to the cross.

During the second part of the tour, we will listen to eyewitness accounts of people who communicated with the risen Lord, proving Jesus rose from the dead. The tour will end on the Mount of Olives as Jesus gives a final instruction before ascending into heaven. We will be challenged to consider how this event can change lives today.


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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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