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A Tale of Two Trees

Are you living your life according to the Judas tree or the Jesus tree?


This is the highest of holy days for the Christian church. This is the day where not only do we remember that Jesus died and he was buried, but on the third day he walked out of the tomb and that makes all the difference in the world. That’s why we’re here. God has drawn near and if we want to know him we can draw near to him.

(Read Matthew 27:1-5)

This is God’s Word. May it always fill our minds, flow from our lips, and find a home in our very hearts.

Who Is Judas?

Judas was chosen by Jesus. When Jesus was putting together his inner circle, when he stayed up all night praying, asking the Father who should the twelve be, Judas was amongst those original disciples.

Judas was trusted by Jesus. As they traveled around, preaching the good news that the kingdom of heaven has arrived, it was Judas that was elected to be treasurer; he’s the one who watched after the money.

Judas was loved by Jesus. When Jesus looked at Judas, he saw somebody that he knit together in his mother’s womb, somebody that he knew the number of hairs on his head, and he had designs and plans for his life.

Yet, despite all of that, that he was chosen by, loved by, trusted by Jesus, Judas betrayed Jesus. Oh, he could have had one of those names that will go down in history and everybody would think about naming their son after him. Think about the other disciples. We name our sons Matthew, Mark, John, or Andrew. Their names are good names. So was Judas’ name. Do you know what Judas means? "Praise be to God." Such a good name that we would want to give to one of our children. But nobody names their child Judas. Because Judas betrayed Jesus.

How is that possible? How do you spend three years with Jesus? How ...

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