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Burning Hearts

Jesus appeared to strengthen the faith of those who would carry the message after him and for us today to understand that Jesus is truly alive.


Several months ago, my wife and I had the privilege of going to the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte (If you are ever in Charlotte, NC you must go). Once you are in the Library, you can take a self-guided tour. Along the way there are videos of people talking about significant events in the life of Billy Graham. The folks on the videos were there at the time so these are eyewitness accounts. There are also numerous artifacts which were collected over his many years of ministry in a variety of places around the world. These artifacts are also eyewitnesses to the events of Billy Graham’s life. The tour ends in a large room with seats. Everyone sits and watches a video of Billy Graham preaching about Christ and salvation. This is a truly powerful moment and conclusion to a great tour.

In the second part of our tour with Jesus and his final days on earth I want you to imagine that you are sitting in a room like the one at the Billy Graham Library. In front of you is a giant screen. On the screen you will watch two stories of people who encountered the risen Lord days after his death. Today we will look at the first story which is from the gospel of Luke. The second story is from the gospel of John. These stories are not just another story, these stories will prove that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and because of his resurrection, we have hope beyond the grave through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our first eyewitness account is set on a dusty road. Two people are returning home after the Passover celebration in Jerusalem and they are trying to make sense of the events that have transpired relative to Jesus. For the disciples and those who followed Jesus, these were very difficult times. Even though Jesus had prepared ...

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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