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Believing Is Seeing

Stop disbelieving and become a believer!


As our tour comes to an end, we will watch one more story featuring an important discussion between Jesus and Thomas, the disciple who doubted. The disciples were the guys who walked with Jesus during his entire ministry on earth. They were exposed to some amazing things and were empowered by him to preach the gospel. They listened to him as he taught Scripture, and then watched him die. Even though Jesus prepared them for this moment, the tragic events of his crucifixion put their faith to the test. For Thomas, the crucifixion was so troubling that he did not believe Jesus had risen from the dead.

We live in a culture today that says, “Seeing is Believing.” This means people need evidence to prove the existence of something true. In our court systems, evidence produced can convict a person of an alleged crime, and lack of evidence can cause a case to be dismissed. Evidence gives us eyes to see the truth of something, which leads us to believe.

When we say “Believing is Seeing” this runs counter to our culture but is perhaps the foundation of faith. Now having faith in Christ is not a blind faith but is one where the evidence in favor of the resurrection events is staggering, as recorded in the scriptures. If you take the scriptures alone, there is no way one can conclude that Jesus did not rise from the dead.

We have come to know Thomas as the disciple who doubted. From our text, it’s safe to say that Thomas does not doubt the resurrection, he does not believe it. This is an event that many people in our world today struggle to believe. Let’s face it, no one has ever seen a person who has passed come alive a few days later. If we had, we might be a little freaked out. This is ...

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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