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A Model Mother

4 characteristics we can learn from Eunice.


A wise man once described a mother as a woman who combines the practical and the spiritual into a way of life. “A mother wipes little noses, mends little clothes, washes little faces, and points little eyes to the stars and little souls to eternal things.”

Such a person must have been Eunice, the mother of Timothy. Surely she did the practical things that are so much a part of mothering. And Paul clearly states that she was faithful in her spiritual duty, as she pointed her son’s little eyes to the stars and his soul to eternal things.

Several things about Eunice mark a model mother.

A Model Mother Influences Her Child Toward Christ

Eunice did. In 2 Timothy 1:5 Paul referred to Timothy’s upbringing. The “faith” that was now in Timothy was first in his mother Eunice and her mother Lois. Many think it was Paul who led Timothy to faith in Christ, but it was more likely the influence of his mother and grandmother that first influenced Timothy to take Jesus as his own personal Savior.

The strongest influence in any person’s life is their home. Good biographies never begin with their subject, but with the parents and grandparents of the subject. Only God can measure the influence of a mother on the lives of her children. She is a child’s chief example. Under a picture of a kangaroo with a baby in its pouch was the caption: “His mother determines his point of view.” That is true of every child as well. Children mirror their mother’s outlook on life and copy her every habit.

A recently-married groom walked into the kitchen of their small apartment to find his bride of three days sawing away at the end of a ham.“Why are you cutting off the end of that ham?” ...

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