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Hope in a Time of Anxiety

God causes all things ultimately to work for the good of those who love him.


I know a woman who is a working professional, she’s the mother of young children, a wife, and she recently contracted COVID-19 which morphed into pneumonia. Not long ago she was on a ventilator literally fighting for her life. It was terrifying. Thankfully, she’s in a relatively better place now.

There is a man connected to our community, who’s older, he also has COVID-19 and things are not looking good for him. And it looks like he’s not going to make it.

Now obviously these are not good things, they are bad things. We know that people are losing their jobs and more people will lose their work because of COVID-19. And when terrible things are happening to us or to people around us we can wonder, Is God really good? Can God really be trusted?

Scripture tells us to suspend judgment as to whether something will prove to be good or bad in the end.

The story is told of a wise man who won a Ferrari in a lottery. His family and friends came to his house and said, “You are so lucky.”

The man smiled and said, “Maybe.”

Then one day the man was driving his new sports car, coming through an intersection, and a drunken driver crashed into his new car causing him all kinds of injuries.

His family and friends showed up at the hospital and they looked at him and said, “You are so unlucky.”

And he looked up and said, “Maybe.”

And then there was a landslide that caused his house to fall into the sea but he was safe because he was in the hospital. Again, his family and friends came the next day and said, “You are so lucky.”

And again the man said, “Maybe.”

Now the point of this story is to encourage us to suspend judgment about whether something ...

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Ken Shigematsu is pastor of Tenth Church in Vancouver, BC and the author of the award-winning, bestseller God in My Everything

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