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The Characters of Christmas: Wise Men

The Wise Men's desire to find and worship the King should cause each of us to consider our own personal worship of the King.


Every manger scene includes the Wise Men and every Christmas season finds us singing the popular Christmas carol, “We Three Kings.” Have you ever considered the story of the Wise Men beyond what we traditionally accept concerning their visit? Do we focus only on the Wise Men giving gifts in order to justify our own gift-giving practices today?

Worship is what drove the Wise Men to visit Jesus. Their journey was long but their focus on finding and worshipping Jesus was intense. In the busyness of the Christmas season we may find ourselves focused intently, but on the wrong idea. The example of the Wise Men can challenge our personal worship of the King, not just at Christmas, but every day and week of the year. Sunday morning, that time we set aside to worship the King as a body of Christ, can be especially stressful, and our focus can be easily distracted from worshipping the King.

The next characters in our Christmas series are the Wise Men. Their desire to find and worship the King should cause each of us to consider our own personal worship of the King. The curtain opens, and the Wise Men begin their search for the King.

Searching for the King

It’s 7 am Sunday morning and the most stressful day of the week has begun. Our routine starts with coffee (nothing begins well without coffee). As the coffee gives you a jolt of energy, you seek to make this Sunday better than the past few. You attack the day with great optimism. You begin to wake up your children, which will go on for about an hour (with teenagers maybe two). Eventually your kids stumble out of their rooms like zombies and find their way to the kitchen to eat, then shower, and get dressed. It’s closing in on 8 am and Sunday School ...

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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