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The Characters of Christmas: Mary

When God’s will is made clear in life and we obey, nothing is impossible.


Dave Richards was raised in a strong Christian home. When sharing his testimony with others he sometimes refers to himself as a “lifer.” You see, Dave made a decision to trust in God when he was eight-years-old, making him a lifer. Dave’s family was always in church. His parents were involved in different ministries in the church from leadership positions, to missions, to children’s ministry.

The youth ministry in his church was very strong. Dave needed this ministry in his life while he attended a local public high school. This group was very active, and they spent countless hours hanging out with one another. As Dave and his friends neared graduation, life started to get serious as the future beyond high school was approaching. When Dave graduated, he had no idea what to do in life. He attended college for a year and half with no real vision or direction. Dave had no idea what God’s will was for his life.

Our next character of Christmas is Mary, the mother of our Lord. One day God interrupts Mary’s life with a powerful and revealing plan that was determined in eternity past and is now about to become a reality. We will discover that when God’s will is made clear in life and we obey, nothing is impossible.

A Divine Plan is Set in Motion

In Luke’s gospel, we find a powerful discussion between two people, Mary and Gabriel. At a precise moment in time, God sends Gabriel to the unpopular city of Nazareth, to a young girl, probably between twelve and fourteen years old, named Mary. Mary is recognized as a virgin. This small detail which Luke adds to the story can be quickly overlooked but is important.

Isaiah tells us, when the Messiah come’s to earth he will be born ...

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David Karn is the Senior Pastor at Grace Community Church in Goldsboro, NC.

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