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The Jesus Alternative

Jesus provides a better alternative than the world.


One of my favorite things about going to the grocery store is going down the cereal aisle. I love going down the cereal aisle. One, because I really like cereal. I love the sugary kind of kids’ cereals, and Louise has kind of been telling me I need to eat healthier and have better cereal. So I like the healthier ones too, but going to get cereal is fun.

Another thing that I really get a kick out of—and maybe this says too much about me—but I love to go and compare the name-brand cereal boxes and the names that are on those boxes and the knock-off brands. I just get such a kick out of that, where you have the name-brand Froot Loops and then knock-off Fruit Hoops. And you have the name brand Cheerios and the knock-off, Happios. Lucky Charms—Magic Charms.

Many times when we think of an alternative, we think of something that’s worse. We think of something that’s worth settling for. Oh well, it’s not the main thing, it’s an alternative, it’s not quite as good, the flavor’s not as good, it’s cheaper, whatever it might be. So we can think of alternatives in that way.

This morning I want to talk about Jesus as an alternative. An alternative named Jesus. So I hope you found your place there in Matthew 11.

(Read Matthew 11:28-30)

Come to Me

Now, just to set the stage here, up until this point in Matthew it’s been relatively smooth sailing. We know the family tree of Jesus given at the beginning of this gospel, and Jesus has been baptized and gone into the wilderness, been tempted, and he has been going through his ministry. He has launched his public ministry. He has called Matthew, the guy who wrote the book. He called him with just two words: Follow me. ...

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Coleman Reidling grew up in Plano, Texas. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in History at Midwestern State University, Wichita Falls, Texas. Coleman is currently a second-year Master of Divinity student at Baylor’s Truett Seminary where he enjoys all things related to homiletics. He serves as the pastor of Spring Creek Baptist Church in Iredell, Texas.

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