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The Danger of Descending into Sin

David lusts, rapes, attempts deception, and kills—and yet God’s grace is big enough to redeem him.


To err is human—am I right? We as human beings, we often do things wrong. We mess up. We sin. And when we sin, when we mess up, we usually have a few options.

We can own it—which may be the least popular way of going about facing what we did wrong—we can blame others, or we could seek to hide it. I know for me, when I was in middle school I usually went the route of seeking to hide what I did.

There is one particular instance I remember I had locked myself out of my parents’ house. I went over to a friend’s house, I forgot my key. Now, when I came back home I had a few options. I could have called my parents and told them what I did, but this wasn’t the first time I locked myself out of the house and rightfully so they would be annoyed or frustrated. So instead I decided I was going to problem solve the only way a middle schooler could. I had noticed I had left my second-story bedroom window open, and I knew that there was a ladder in the backyard so I went and grabbed the ladder, climbed up to the second story window, but there was a screen there, a window screen, and I had to remove it in order to get in. Well, I ended up bending the frame to a point where it couldn’t be repaired. So in trying to fix my first issue of being locked out, I ended up breaking something on the house.

At that point, I could have owned what I did or I could have kept trying to hide it. I kept trying to hide it. I figured it was a Tuesday and I knew our trash day was on a Wednesday, so I would stuff it down in the trash. I’m the one responsible for taking out the trash, my parents probably wouldn’t have noticed it in there. But my dad, he would take out the trash too, so he might have ...

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Vincent Crespin II is a recent graduate of Denver Seminary. He is headed to Duke to work on a ThM. Then, Lord willing, he will head to another institute of higher eduction to work on a PhD in Homiletics.

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