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A Story to Tell

Sometimes God calls us to go out of our way to share the Way.


Last September, Pat Payaso ran for an open seat on Boston’s city council—and he got an idea for a creative way to campaign. Payaso translates to “clown” in Spanish; according to a report in TIME, Payaso “donned a rainbow wig, a red nose, and clown makeup in recent campaign photos and videos on social media.” But then he actually showed up at a polling place with the clown costume, and people got a little scared: “Police tell The Boston Herald that Pat Payaso’s presence near a polling location at Roxbury Community College made some people nervous … and they called the authorities.” An officer called to the scene stopped Payaso and “realized he wasn’t a threat” … in more than one sense. Payaso finished eighth in the race for four seats.

Payaso wasn’t trying to terrify anyone (at least, I hope not)—he just wanted to spread the word about his campaign and garner some interest from potential voters. But the way he went about it ended up being far from fun and wound up alienating people. Now think about the ways you’ve tried to share the gospel and the good news about your faith: Are we making friends, family, or coworkers feel safe and cared about as we tell them why we believe what we believe? Or might they feel confused or judged or even a little afraid of us? There are so many misconceptions about Christianity out there today—how can we avoid and overcome these in order to share the Good News about Jesus?

Paul the apostle gives us an example. When last we left Paul, he had just narrowly escaped being beaten to death. He must have been badly bruised and shaken, but he recovered his composure enough to ask ...

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David Ward is Pastor of Teaching Ministries for New Hope Church in Greenwood, IN.

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