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'A Politician, a Lawyer, and a Jew'

When our faith is on trial, we must stay blameless and shameless as witnesses.


James Emery White tells a story about his visit to The Eagle and Child pub in Great Britain, the place where C. S. Lewis and his friends used to meet. White says he was sitting at his favorite little table there one day, and another stream of tourists entered—and left—and he heard the manager muttering, “Bloody Christians.” White was enough of a regular there to feel comfortable asking the manager what he meant.

“Take a look at this,” he said, holding up a menu. “They cost me two pounds each. Two pounds! I ordered hundreds of them, and now I only have ten because they keep getting nicked.”

“You mean people are stealing the menus?” White asked, incredulously.

“Yeah, the bloody Christians take the menus, while the bloody students take the spoons and ashtrays.” White could understand the students’ need for utensils but had to ask, “Why the menus?”

“I don’t know. It’s what they can get their hands on, I suppose,” he answered. “It got so bad I started making copies of the menu that they could take—for free—but they still take the good ones.”

“I’m surprised they don’t try and take what’s on the walls, then,” White mused, looking at the pictures, plaque, and particularly a framed handwritten letter from Lewis, Tolkien, and others commemorating the day they had drunk to the barmaid’s health.

“Oh, those aren’t real,” said the manager, “just copies. They still get taken. I’d never put the real ones up.”

He paused a moment and then said, “What gets me is that all these people who come in for Lewis are supposed to be ...

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David Ward is Pastor of Teaching Ministries for New Hope Church in Greenwood, IN.

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