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Jesus: A Power Greater than the Angels

Hold fast to Jesus because his power is worthy of our trust.

Editor’s Note: This sermon is being released with a partnership with the Center for Pastor Theologians Conference, which will take place October 14–16 in Chicago. The theme for their 2019 conference is Techne: A Christian Vision of Technology. The modern world presents Christians in general and pastors in particular with many profound and complex questions related to a biblical vision of and for technology. How should Christians think about smartphones? Artificial intelligence? Genetic technologies? Multi-site church? Virtual reality? Contraceptive technology? Social media? The 2019 CPT Conference will seek to address these questions through the lenses of biblical wisdom, the historical Christian tradition, modern sociology, and ministry praxis. Register now to reserve your spot at this year's conference!


The focus of the Book of Hebrews is perseverance. It’s about finding strength to press on in the faith when things get difficult. Our text this morning starts off in a rather unexpected way—insisting on the Son’s superiority over the angels.

It may not strike us as immediately obvious how the Son’s superiority over the angels has anything to do with persevering in the faith. If you were to come up to me after the service and say, “I’m thinking about abandoning the faith.” And I responded by saying, “No way, don’t give up. Jesus is better than the angels!” You probably wouldn’t say, “You’re right. I’m staying.” But that’s where the author of Hebrews starts.

That raises a bit of a challenge for the preacher to figure out how to tie this all together. Normally, I like to start my sermons by posing a question ...

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Gerald Hiestand is the co-founder and part-time director of the Center for Pastor Theologians. He also serves as the Senior Pastor of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois. He is the author, with Todd Wilson, of The Pastor Theologian.

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