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Miraculous Births: Jesus

God sends his Son to be born of a woman so that the humble might rejoice in his eternal reign.


Christmas is a depressing time for most people. A 1972 article written by a director of the California Department of Mental Hygiene warns: “The Christmas season is marked by greater emotional stress and more acts of violence than any other time of the year.”

Christmas is an excuse to get drunk, have a party, get something, give a little, leave work, get out of school, spend money, overeat, and all kinds of other excesses. Are any of these excesses what Christmas has become for you? We look at the wonder on the face of a child at Christmas and it's got to make us think, what happened to us? Instead of greatly anticipating the day, we are just trying to get through it.

But it's not too late! Christmas can be saved! It’s only Christmas Eve—and I don’t mean that there is still time to get last minute shopping done. I pity the fool. I ordered my gifts on Amazon Prime days ago (Amazon is backed up and they won’t arrive until the 27th).

I don’t mean that Christmas can be saved from old fogies and scrooges like you and me by last-minute shopping, re-discovering the magic, living vicariously through children, or even by being generous. Christmas can only be saved when we appreciate that Christmas itself was a rescue mission. To save Christmas this year, we must meditate on the fact that God sent his Son so that we might be saved from our sin. It’s a message you have heard many times. But have you treasured it up in your heart?

In our miraculous births series, we have come to Jesus. You might expect that here on Christmas Eve we’d be thinking about the birth of Jesus. And indeed we are. My main point is that God sends his Son to be born of a woman so that the humble ...

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Daniel Schreiner serves as an associate pastor at Hinson Baptist Church in Portland, OR.

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