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A Feast Without End

The essence, importance, and experience of contentment are rooted in relying on God.


This morning as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday, I wanted to talk about the importance of contentment. And who better to teach us about contentment than Solomon, the man who had everything and learned that better things and better circumstances are not the secret to contentment. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon is writing as an old man. He’s looking back on his life, and he’s sharing from his mistakes. He’s mentoring us on how to live a life of lasting joy in a world where things don’t last. Solomon’s whole point in this book is not that life is meaningless; it’s that life is short. Life’s a vapor, and so the question is, how do we get a sense of lasting joy and contentment in a world where nothing lasts? That’s what he sets out to answer and that’s why today’s message is titled “A Feast Without End,” because what Solomon is going to teach us is how to experience a feast without end in a world where every feast ends.

(Read Ecclesiastes 5:18-20)

It is glaringly obvious from this passage that God wants you and me to enjoy life. It’s right here: The God of the Bible—the true God—wants you to eat and drink and find enjoyment, so you know what this means … guilt free seconds on Thursday! We’ve got the biblical warrant for it right here. But obviously, the main thing that God is driving at through the wisdom of Solomon here is the experience of contentment. Contentment is the real and lasting feast. In Proverbs 15:15, he says that a cheerful heart, or a contented heart, has a continual feast. Contentment is a feast without end. No matter where we are, who we are, or what we have, true Christianity is meant ...

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Jeremy A. McKeen is the Senior Pastor of the First Congregational Church of Hamilton, MA.

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