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Jesus Shows Up in Mary Magdalene's Darkest Hour

There is no one who can call our name like Jesus can.


(Read John 20:1-18)

When we come to the resurrection, we first have to consider some questions that many of our friends have and why some believe this account is a fable, a myth, and didn't actually happen. The first reason why we can't believe that this actually happened is simply because we don't believe that the supernatural exists, we don't believe that miracles happen.

The idea goes like this: I have never experienced a miracle, therefore miracles cannot happen. And we just pause right there and say because we have not experienced something presently doesn't mean we can't experience it in the future or that it has never been experienced in the past. All we are saying is we ourselves have never personally experienced something. The nature of these miracles matter for us. After all, we are not talking about a wizard in a hat going around turning men and women into mice or pulling rabbits out of hats. The grand miracles, as C.S. Lewis called them, refer to healing of the sick, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and rising from death. We are not talking about little puppet shows and card tricks, but about the grand miracle of neighbor love conquering that which most devastates us in life.

When we say that no miracles exist, we often turn to science, but science cannot prove that a miracle can or cannot happen. Science merely looks at an event and seeks to explain it from the vantage point of natural causes. Science tells us that things normally happen in a certain, regular way, therefore miracles cannot happen. We say a miracle by its nature is an exception to what is regular and a rule. I learned in English that there are lots of rules for grammar, but then there are the exceptions ...

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Zack Eswine serves as Lead Pastor of Riverside Church and as Director of Homiletics, Resident Scholar of the Francis Schaeffer Institute, at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Sermon Outline:

I. Evidence for and arguments against miracles

II. The account of Mary Magdalene

III. Mary perseveres in the dark

IV. The contrast between Mary's response and the disciples' response

V. The light breaks into the darkness