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Wade through the murky waters of contemporary social issues with wisdom, grace, love, and passion.


Spirit of Adoption—Found

Just as we have been adopted by God, adoption and foster care of vulnerable children is a calling of the church.


I. The Fairytale and the Reality

II. The Bible on Adoption

III. Adoption into the Family of God

IV. Living Out the Spirit of Adoption



So it’s 11 in the morning, and a little boy is called to the head teacher’s office. Sadly, this little boy knows the way very well because he’s been to the head teacher’s office quite a few times. He’s five years old. He’s knocking at the door, and the head teacher opens it, and this time she has a really soft and gentle voice. She asks him to sit down because she’s got some difficult news for him. “At the end of the day, I’m really sorry, you’re not going to be able to go home; you’re going to go with this lady. She’s called a social worker, and she’s going to take you to another family.” “But how long am I going to be there?” “Well, we’re not sure but just until it’s safe.” “Can I go and say goodbye to Mom and Dad?” “Well, you will see Mom and Dad again but not today.” “Can I go and say goodbye to my sister?” “Well, you will see your sister soon but not today.” “Can I pat the dog?” “No, not today.” “What about my stuff?” “Well, your stuff will be brought here.”

So this little boy, five years old, gets taken by the social worker, and she does a great job of trying to calm him down and make him feel okay. She puts him in her car, and she drives him to my house. And there he is on the doorstep. All he’s ...

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Dr. Krish Kandiah is the founder of Home for Good a fostering and adoption charity. He is in demand as a speaker, writer, and theologian. His latest book is God is Stranger: Finding God in Unexpected Places, IVP ( 2017).

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