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The Goodness of Creation

What does it mean to say creation is "good"?

Editor's Note: This article is being released with a partnership with the Center for Pastor Theologians Conference. The theme for their 2018 conference is: The Art and Science of Spiritual Formation. This conference will explore the cluster of topics related to neuroscience, mental health, and how these topics have changed the conversation in the church about mental health. The 2018 CPT Conference will bring together the best insights of three fields of study—theological anthropology, spiritual formation, and modern psychology—with a view to articulating a whole-person theology of the mind, heart, body, and brain, as well as exploring how best to love and care for victims of abuse and neglect. Register now to reserve your spot at this year's conference!


Perhaps the clearest thing in Genesis 1 is the affirmation of the goodness of creation. We find the key refrain that runs through this passage of Scripture: "God saw that it was good." Six times, after day one (v. 4), day three (v. 10, 12), day four (v. 18), day five (v. 21), day six (v. 25) and a second time after the creation of humanity, with the addition of "very" (v. 31).

Clearly, one of the main themes of Genesis 1 is the goodness of creation.

And yet this seems like one of the most difficult things to affirm about creation. Why do I say that? Not because of natural disasters like hurricanes and tornadoes and earthquakes that can be so devastating. No, it seems hard to affirm the goodness of creation when you take a close look at the normal workings of nature. When you take a close look at the creation, what do you actually see? So much that is either ambiguous (and not obviously good) or that seems less than good: ...

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Todd Wilson (PhD, Cambridge University) is Senior Pastor of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, IL, cofounder of the Center for Pastor Theologians, and author most recently of The Pastor Theologian and Real Christian.

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Brad Bailey

April 03, 2018  10:10pm

The broad points serve the challenges of this topic.

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