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My Name is Hosea

You can break God's heart, but you can't break God's love.


My name is Hosea. My profession is prophet of the Lord Jehovah. My prophetic ministry took place in the northern kingdom of Israel between 750 and 725 B.C. I have been summoned by some of your contemporaries who are part of the apostolic tradition to share with you brief excerpts from my biography.

I was making my way back home from one of my many prophetic crusades when, as I descended from the heights of Mount Tabor, suddenly I was apprehended by a strange and invisible presence. This presence was so mysterious that I was at once both terrified and fascinated. Although rare, this experience was not new to me. Having been there before, I knew I was in the presence of the Eternal. His voice came to me as it were riding the crest of the wind, and he said to me, "Hosea, I must speak to you concerning the infidelity of my people. You remember our contractual agreement: that Israel would be my people and that I would be her God. But now, Hosea, she has fractured our friendship, she has ruptured our relationship, and she has allowed strange gods to encroach upon my private domain. Because of her apostasy, idolatry, and immorality, her goodness is as the morning dew. It had faded away."

As God spoke to me that day at the foot of Mount Tabor, I didn't say very much. What does one say when God is talking? He took me—I don't know whether in the body or out of the body. I was somehow there and yet not there. He took me on a historical voyage and allowed me to see time and time again where Israel had flagrantly pursued other gods. His voice was the voice of a man who had experienced excruciating pain; pain only known to those who have had their love rejected. I prepared myself to hear the worst. Listening to the tenor ...

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