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Halloween: Rethinking This Weird Holiday

How should Christians respond to October 31?


Ever watch Sesame Street? Remember the old jingle "Which One Doesn't Belong?" They'd put up on the screen a picture of a beach ball, basketball, and football, and then they'd put up a box. Then they'd sing the song "Which One Doesn't Belong?" The kids are supposed to figure out which one doesn't fit.

Well, when we look at our calendar, there are a ton of holidays on there. Picture Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter. Now, picture in your mind Halloween. Which one doesn't belong here? Is it weird or not that most of the holidays on our calendar seem to represent something positive and good? Some of them are even deeply religious, reflecting the tenets of our faith: the Incarnation, or thanksgiving and worship, or the resurrection of Christ. Then we've got this one weird day, October 31. I don't know what you pictured. I picture rubber skeletons hanging from doorsteps, pumpkins, phony cobwebs, and plastic spiders. That's just a weird day—you've got to admit it.

God created 'holy days'

Now, I know what some people think about holidays in general. The super-spiritual here want to get rid of them altogether. They all have pagan roots anyway, right?

Well, I like the day off, for one. That's not my primary reason, but I do enjoy the day off. Secondly, if you look in the Bible, holidays were God's idea. You ever thought about that? They were God's thought on the calendar—he thought there ought to be certain days that are special and holy, thus the name. "Holiday" comes from our Middle English. It means the "holy day." The holy days on the calendar are just different days. They're special days, and they ought to be days to represent something special.

In Old Testament Israel, we can look as God spells out the kind ...

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Mike Fabarez is the founding pastor of Compass Bible Church in Aliso Viejo, California. Pastor Mike is heard on hundreds of stations on the Focal Point radio program and has authored several books, including Preaching That Changes Lives, Lifelines for Tough Times, and Praying for Sunday.

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Sermon Outline:


I. God created 'holy days'

II. What is Halloween?

III. Fully participate in Halloween?

IV. Selectively participate?

V. Boycott Halloween?

VI. Redeem Halloween?